Intergalactic Emerald Armaments

Type: Manufacturing
Founded On: Year 22 Day 168
Leader: Alessandro De Caito
Formerly: Intergalactic Revolutionary Armaments

Intergalactic Emerald Armaments is the organization used by the Emerald Ring to produce weapons and armors for their enforcers. Referred to as the IEA within the Emerald Ring, this organization of weapons manufacturers and explosive builders produce weapons to be used by the Ring and its allies. It will however also sell weapons to the general public in the hopes that their weapons will be used to overturn galactic governments that rule through fascism and fear. All of the distinctive weapons and armor worn and carried by the Emerald Ring are assembled by the IEA using raw materials that are excavated through the Ring’s mining company, Cassiopeia. These weapons tend to be easily identified by the green tint added to their steel by the producers, these emerald colored weapons are kept inside the Ring and are not offered to the public. IEA does however produce other unique weapons that it is willing to sell to the public, albeit at a higher markup due to the research and development time put in to modify them and make them stand out in a sea of plain and overused weaponry throughout the galaxy. All sales conducted by IEA will be managed by the Emerald Ring, and publically available weapons and armors along with the unique ones they will sell to the public will be listed by the Ring once they are produced. Feel free to contact the Emerald Ring with any inquiries.

Posted by Dain Thurith