Emerald Ring

Type: Mercenaries
Founded On: Year 20 Day 24
Leader:Dain Thurith
Formerly: Eclipse Templars

Risen up from Sun Guard and later what became the Eclipse Templars, the Emerald Ring was born.

Distinguished in the streets by their obnoxious emerald green colors in both garb and paint on their space vessels and planetary vehicles, they are a proud and often arrogant group.

The Emerald Ring is made up of two groups. One handles business and the other the back alleys and streets of the more undesirable places in the galaxy.

Relatively reclusive, the group mostly operates on its own. It is however open to working with others as long as there is no personality clash with the enforcers, who tend to test the patience of others to the absolute extremes.

They were described as a ‘bunch of thugs’ by the Confederacy of Independent Systems after a raid was carried out upon them with the assistance of a disgruntled CIS employee. This caused the membership of Eclipse Templars to take a step back and ask the question “Hey, do you think we’re the bad guys? We might be the bad guys here.”

Embracing this ideology, the Emerald Ring was born. No longer caring if they expose corruption or spread it, they will undertake any form of job, clean or dirty, that doles out a decent profit for them.

Posted by Dain Thurith