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Director Wainright passes away shortly after stepping down
Shortly after stepping down from her position as Director of Medawn, Director Wainright's ship suffered a hyperdrive failure which caused her personal J-Type 327 Starship to come out of hyperdrive directly next to the Prindaar sun. With only the life support operational, the ship sustained such damage that it required our very own Maiden of Umbradawn's Nileri Ateisa Rosiir to personally check the scene of the crash. 

On Year 20 Day 165 Nileri arrived at the scene and boarded the 'Crimson Caress' where she found the body of Director Wainright who had passed away due to the injuries she had sustained. Confirming all fears but allowing some closure, Keva's body was then brought home to Umbradawn city for her funeral ceremony.

While Alessandro, Nileri and Dain were unavailable for comment due to the sudden news, the trio of the Order of Eclipse ensured that Director Wainwright would never be forgotten as they honored her posthumously with a Medal of the Dawn, a reward saved for those who go above and beyond in their goal to bring light to the galaxy.

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