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A new beginning
The wild winds of Ockbur are heavy and dangerous.
But in the city Umbradown, the home of the Eclips Templars, you can be sure there is at least one friendly place.

The New Inn is allready for centuries the place to be for ale, liquers and cheap but decent meals. All served, 24/7, by a nice and discreet staff.

The New Inn

[Image: pub.jpg]

That 's why creatures from the Darpa sector choose this place to trade, to meet and to get some time of peace and rest.
The unique safety-system disables all weapons inside automatically and the bouncer, a big and daunting Cathar, is always alert.

N'GAAR the Cathar

[Image: cathar.jpg]

[Image: umbradawn_city.jpg]

Dain seated in the cockpit of his ATR-6 not particularly paying attention as the R3 unit next to him busily chirped and beeped at him in  ways he generally understood but had heard so many times during landing procedures he didn't bother listening unless he heard a sudden sharp pitch screech from the unit. Looking at various displays littering his heads up display, navigating them with blinks and subtle eye nudges he went about checking over the current status of all ranking Templars and made note of a new batch of Initiates fresh from Umbradawn Station that were doing there routine drills in the courtyard of the Command Center in the Templar district of Umbradawn city. Landing in the dead center of the courtyard in one of multiple spots sanctioned only for members of the Umbradawn council Dain quickly began disembarking from 'Storm', stepping off the landing platform a few feet before it touched the ground, a sign of Dain's constant impatience.

Quickly moving through the city, drawing salutes from Initiates and their trainers alike before dismissing them with a nod and continuing on his way. It was customary that if Dain had time to talk he would stop and chat for a bit but today he had urgent business to attend to. Before long he found himself at the back entrance of a tavern, slipping in quietly he moved his way up to the counter and took a seat at the stool and ordered a pitcher of Umbradawn Reserve, a new brew that the taverns in Umbradawn's cities were now going to be serving. Placing his helmet on the counter next to him with a telltale 'shhooosh' as the vacuum seal was broken and a quiet 'clank' as it hit the surface he poured himself a glass from his pitcher and thoughtfully sampled it.
The weather was calm and dry. The city noises were humming like it did for centuries before. A day like an other.

Outside The New Inn a hooded figure, 6 feet tall and undeniably muscled, stood still at the edge of the street. Other sentients didn't notice it or just ignored it, even when the figure moved towards the entrance of the bar.
A second later probably nobody remembered the hooded creature, like it wasn't there before.

The door hissed when the sentient walked in. 
The big Cathar on the right from the entrance lifted his hairy chin, showed unknowingly a white fang and focused back on his datapad.
With both hands the creature took away his hood revealing, Amadiel Whistle. 
Amadiel took of his unconventional helmet, took a deep breath, eyes half closed, obviously enjoying the oxygen and the smell of the kitchen.

The man, a fresh recruit of the Eclips Templars, nodded to nobody in particular and took a barstool in front of the entrance.
Without his hood the muscles on his arms were visisble and looked like tensioned cables. He straightend his back and bend his head quickly left and right. He took the menu and dove into it after the female Codru-Ji bartender brought him a cold beer.

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