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Keva Wainwright; Director of Medawn Steps Down
[Image: medawnhor.png]

In a late night emergency meeting with Umbradawn Corporation founder Dain Thurith, Director Keva Wainwright known for leading Medawn since it's creation Keva informed Dain and the rest of the Umbradawn's leadership council that she needed to step down indefinitely due to an unforeseen illness coming up in her family. Being a gifted healer and doctor in her own right, it made sense to all seats within the council for her to step down and be able to focus on her own private matters.

[Image: 1472174-100-100.jpg?1532915072]

Not many would know this about Medawn, but the faction exists entirely because of one person who fearlessly lead this band of peacekeepers, volunteers, and healers from before the faction sprung to life on Year 20 Day 91. From the faction's conception Director Wainwright worked hard to create a group she felt would and could bring good to the galaxy in a way that no one had accomplished before. With goals such as offering surgeries and medical supplies for the innocents who've been hurt in the countless battles raging throughout the galaxy to the logo itself, the Cross of Dawns, everything was planned and sculpted by her vision.

Stepping up as interim Director is Commander Mythreel Thurith, who will hold both positions until the Order of Eclipse council members are able to finish discussions on who will fill such large shoes left behind by a visionary, kind hearted and brilliant doctor and director such as Keva.

As the narrator finishes, the screen fades to Dain Thurith standing in front of a podium ready to address the situation.
"It greatly saddens me to see Keva standing down - as the wife to my cousin and closest ally Alessandro she's been an invaluable help, adviser, and truly the galaxy has grown a bit darker on this day with her stepping out of the light of Medawn. We all hope her the best in her future endeavors and hope to see her again someday soon whether as friend or colleague she is welcome back with us of course, but even if only on the other side of the great Eclipse, that is how it must be sometimes... We will all be working hard to fill the void left by Keva as fast as we can so that those relying on Medawn to save them or heal them of their injuries do not feel that the sun of Medawn no longer shines on them.

Thank you for your time and I am available for any questions on the topic as always.

Dubhadh go bràch!"

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