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Dac Kain; Business man, respected middle, and supporter of terrorism?
Thanks to Vex, a former member of the Mecrosa inner circle, we bring you new information about Dac Kain, the Hosnian Conflict, and Han Balooga.

Included in this post you will find logs from Dac Kain himself discussing with Vex, his former right hand man, about various events that have transpired and covered up so as to deny the people the truth. 

First, on the Hosnian Conflict, it would likely surprise you to know that Mecrosa, a 'neutral' faction, not only conspired with the terrorist organization known as Zann Consortium to gain control of the Hosnian system, they did so knowing the Empire was in the system attempting to secure control themselves. As such, Mecrosa and Dac Kain actively aided in attacks against the Empire and assisted Zann Consortium and the New Republic, known enemies of the Empire at the same time yet claim to be entirely neutral in galactic affairs.

Second, on the topic of Han Balooga, who suddenly went missing shortly after winning a prize for a free surgery from Xucphra at a swap meet, Dac Kain personally murdered him while he was under anesthetic then mutilated the body by removing an ear with his lightsaber so as to quiet one of his rogue agents with 'compromising information' then covered this up again, by letting the New Republic take credit.

It's quite clear to me that Dac Kain's Mecrosa is far from neutral - a tactic many have used to play all those around them and excuse themselves under the neutrality excuse, strange behavior for a respected middle or par for the course for a corrupt man such as Dac Kain to be allying himself with the Zann Consortium?

Without further adieu, the logs, uncut and for you to be able to make your own informed decision. I personally know from my experience as a rogue Defiler that Mecrosa has been supporting Zann Consortium for a long time. Vex and I are also available for comments and questions on our public Discord.


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