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Emerald Ring
Céad Míle Fáilte

As many have no doubt noticed we rebranded the faction and the website from Umbradawn and Eclipse Templars to Emerald Ring.

Now we have moved from Templars to being more of an underworld syndicate, as we've always been willing to cross the line into the criminal aspects of the galaxy, whether that be theft, kidnapping, assassination or simply opening and operating cities and businesses regardless of whose territory we're in. We are still mercenaries, business men, and we intend to continue to operate in a way that we honor our word and commitments.

This change was something we discussed internally off and on the last year or two as we recognized we did not fit what one would expect from a Templar. Although the concept was designed around being morally grey, in execution we are simply not knights. Throughout the years of operation, we consistently ran into misconceptions and misunderstandings in regards to our motives, actions, or how we structured ourselves. Another important reason is that when Eclipse Templars was founded, it was essentially a personal project. Since then it has grown and become a group endeavor, utilizing an Order of Templars as our primary structure left limited room for shared leadership and caused confusion in regards to our chain of command. Given our structure is much more relaxed and much less militaristic, it gave new members the wrong impression on what to expect when working for us.

These reasons, and others, have lead us to change our identity to be more in line with how we see ourselves, as we have always maintained we do not care how others perceive us. With all that in mind, this rebrand is more of a cosmetic change than anything else. We still intend to maintain a grey morality where we do not aimlessly attack anyone we can but rather we operate in a way that furthers our goals regardless of what it takes. I still intend to operate as a legitimate businessman and mercenary, keeping my word and willing to take on any job that pays well enough.

Eclipse Templars wanted to make the galaxy a better place while advancing it's own interests and getting paid. The corrupt were our targets, but the corruption in this galaxy is so bad it was simply ignored when exposed.

Thanks to these lessons, the Emerald Ring only cares about protecting what's ours and expanding, peacefully or not. If you want to be a part and join us as an outsider or member, welcome. To those who aimlessly meddle in our business and stand in our way, good luck. To the rest, thank you for reading.

P.S., keep an eye for news about us opening taverns. We're looking for taverns to buy, we keep our taverns open to all so if you have a personal tavern that you want to use for access to the bounty hunting guild, contact us. We'll operate them publicly anywhere in the galaxy, regardless of governments and laws.

Ceannaire Fáinne
Dain Thurith
[Image: dainstats.png]

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