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Recruitment and Site Registration Update
Hello everyone,

It's been awhile since we posted any update on the state of the website or the future of it so I wanted to take some time to put an update here. We've completed our transition to Emerald Ring, although some things may have been missed. We aim to add a ton more content to the site and there is a ton of exciting things in the works such as our line of taverns that we are aiming to open on as many planets as possible, the recent opening of Cassiopeia, and a lot more.

As we aim to make Year 22 a year of expansion while the past two years were more focused on inward development and stability. As such we've been working hard on the website, faction and Discord to ensure that it is a good environment to introduce new people to. 

You'll notice the menu on the left is mostly updated, the newest page added being the Recruitment page which is filled with information on joining us, what to expect if you do that, and what types of people we are looking for.

In addition to this, as we aim to sell more and more to the public and have some events such as hunting, giveaways, etc, planned for the future, we've enabled the ability to register accounts again after disabling them due to a constant stream of bot accounts but we've since rectified this issue. If you have any issues with registering your account or activating it please contact me via DM on SWCombine or via PM on Discord

Thank you for your patience during this time,
Dain Thurith

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