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Confederate Head of State Corruption Exposed
The Confederacy of Independent Systems: a corrupted organization lead by a tyrant who doesn't care about the poor and ruined lives left in the wake of their merciless expansion. Starting on Y21D335, the CIS became the target of an asset acquisition mission by Umbradawn as part of the larger goal of redistributing the wealth of the corrupt and supporting the needy.
[Image: DainVexSpeak.png]
 Darach Ríoga security camera footage taken earlier today.
At various times over the course of Y21D335 and Y21D336, a team of Eclipse Templar Inquisitors were able to enter factory districts and storage areas on the planet Thesme. During that time they were able to secure and load cargo valued at approximately 500 million credits medical supplies and powered down droids onto Eclipse Templar freighters. After, they left to assist in the primary heist in Mondress which would take place days later.

On Y21D339 at 11:45, the Modular Taskforce Cruiser An Ghrian Ríoga, under the command of Grand Master Dain Thurith and Exarch Varian Shroud, arrived in Mondress. They raided CIS' secure storage Brayls filled with approximately 6 billion credits worth of weapons, armor, tools, and medical supplies. The operation came together in very little time, in thanks to meticulous and on-the-fly planning from Dain Thurith and de Caito, which lead to excellent reconnaissance and intelligence gathering from the Inquisitors inside the CIS, one of which an officer. Using the access granted to them freely, the Inquisitors were able to board and empty six different Brayls into the MTC An Ghrian Ríoga, which had it's transponders changed to read as a CIS vessel. The rest of the team stood watch, prepared to cut the docking tube and enter hyperspace immediately if needed. Shortly after the over 9000 crates of varying sizes, one reportedly containing over 14000 CM Fragstorm Shotguns, were loaded, the strike team departed and went their separate ways. Exarch Shroud was charged with securing the cargo and remaining in command of the An Ghrian Ríoga during it's return trip to neutral space while the others moved into position for phase two.

[Image: GNSMTCMondress.png]
Security footage taken during raid courtesy of Umbradawn scouts monitoring Mondress before and during the operation.
Around 22:30, Grand Inquisitor de Caito signaled for the Inquisitors to disable the ships containing the primary targets:Supreme Commander Sion Plagueis; Alanna Kutol wife of Chairman Siejo Kutol; and all other Confederate Ships in orbit of both planets. A few minutes later, Plagueis and his security detail of three lower ranked members were apprehended along with fifteen unarmed builders.
Shortly later at 22:45, the disabled ships above Zrak were secured within an unnamed Umbradawn Colossal-class carrier. Alanna Kutol and her security detail were apprehended by the strike force made up of Ord and Ghealach operatives. This part of the operation went mostly without a hitch as all targets were asleep in their quarters aboard the BFF-1 Bulk Freighters orbiting the planet.
[Image: royaloakgns2.png]
Footage cleared for release, taken from Umbradawn fighter squadron cockpit cameras during security patrols
The hostages were only taken to ensure a smooth closure to the operation and fair treatment was provided. When negotiations with Head of State Taldar Logas were opened, before any of the details were laid out, Taldar refused to negotiate and wasted valuable time trying to goad the Umbradawn leaders into presumably executing his people. Though the members of Umbradawn were aware of the CIS' treatment of their people as essentially expendable slaves, the magnitude of this disregard for their lives still came as a shock. Some of the hostages even expressed a desire to work alongside Umbradawn to get revenge on CIS as they knew of this disregard.

After over a week of negotiations breaking down due to Head of State Logas interfering anytime progress was made and telling the hostage holders that he did not value the hostages being returned safely as, "there will always be more workers". Despite these interruptions, excessive disorganization, refusal to allow negotiators to work with constant interruptions, and consistently changing lead negotiator anytime progress was made, only two hostages were harmed during this process and only as a last resort to ensure that Head of State Logas knew Umbradawn was serious after over a week of being instigated. Thankfully not all within the CIS shared Taldar's desire to see the hostages killed to send a message and an agreement was reached.

Part of the agreement was ownership officially being signed over of the goods taken from Mondress, with these new armaments Umbradawn plans to arm new battallions of templars crossed all three of the orders to aid in the fight to expose corruption all throughout the galaxy, protect the weak, and punish the wicked. In addition to this, Umbradawn will be bundling a portion of the seized assets and donating them to young sentients to keep them safe in their adventures. The remainder will be sold to fund these efforts in addition to helping build better homes for the refugees under the care of Umbradawn.

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