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Homecoming: The Fate of Keva
Dain Wrote:Helmet already removed from his head and held under his left arm and a somber look on his face, Dain entered the pub that had since become the den of business and location of almost all events that Umbradawn hosted. Normally he'd be happy to be here but uncertainty always left a sour taste in his mouth, causing him to feel a state of unease while wondering whether or not he'd receive great or terrible news today.

Pillar Rosiir was approaching Director Wainwright's last known position after her ship aborted hyperspace and ended up in the gravity well of Prindaar's sun. Severely crippled, the Crimson Caress was floating adrift with only life support functioning. Keva's fate was entirely unknown due to this - what was meant to be a rescue mission could turn into a retrieval instead.

Moving to the center of the room, Dain placed his helmet on the bartop and retrieved a wireless transmitter from behind the counter which he slotted into his wrist mounted communicator. Immediately a hologram of the galaxy illuminated the room before zooming in on the location of the J-Type 327 Starship Keva was piloting with it's distress beacon blaring. Nearby a second transponder blinked quietly as it approached the seen of the wreckage.

"Nileri, can you hear me okay?" Dain said into his collar checking the microphone he had just removed from his helmet was working fine, "What's your status? I've just arrived at the Umbradawn Lounge and the holoprojectors are linked and ready for you to begin transmitting your feed."

Nileri Wrote:Leaning on the chair before her Sprints control panel, her normal visage replaced  with a somber smile as she flips a few pieces as Dain's visage comes across the main screen,  voice filling the cockpit of the ship. "I hear you loud and clear. I'm starting scans now as I make my last approach. "
flips a few more switches and her view is now feeding over to the holoprojector "The Crimson Caress is pretty damaged Dain."

Alessandro Wrote:Alessandro walked into the bar. Not in dains company this time as he was taking a while to process what had happened. He had pretty much accepted his wife as dead so the confirmation was just to put his mind at rest... if that's what it was going to be. His cold and calculating eyes surveyed the room as he walked in and leaned on the bar counter. Eyes fixated on the screen.

Nileri Wrote:Nileri was rarely ever seen in full armour but this was different. The Aliit Qir symbol emblazoned across the front of the armour with her Eclipse title, Maiden of Umbradawn written across the back of her helm with it in Mando'a Script below it.  Slipping her helmet in place, her face disappeared as her the voice comm activated, slightly crackling to signal its presence. "Can you still hear me?" She asked through her helmet comm.

Alessandro Wrote:he walked up and grabbed Dain by the collar where his mic was. Frustrated at this point. "we can fucking hear you!" he snarled as he went back to the counter, fingers lodged underneath it.

Nileri Wrote:Nods and moves to the entrance and unlocks the panel between as she steps aboard The Crimson Caress. Moving towards the cockpit the hull is visibly damaged. Finally at the cockpit door, she presses the panel to open the door but it won't budge. Eyeing the door she manages a hold and pulls it apart. Stepping into the cockpit proper she let's the feed from her helmet show. "Al'ika...I'm sorry. She's beyond help. Keva is gone from us."

Alessandro Wrote:he tensed up. His body stiffened. His fingers curled up underneath the counter. A scream came from the poor girl tending the bar as she watched his irises turn blood red. And then... the whole Bartop got removed from the counter, screws and bolts being yanked out of place as he did so, when it snapped loose he threw the whole bartop at the wall to his right, and turned to exit the bar out into the city.

Nileri Wrote:"I'll bring her body home."

Alessandro Wrote:he had already exited the bar. Out into the city. In pretty much full rampage mode. Obviously he wasnt out to harm their own people. So the question of where he would be going was probably the most prominent.

Nileri Wrote:"Dain, I wouldn't try going after him at the moment but make ready for the last rites for Keva. I'm heading back. " Scooping up the now deceased Keva, she cradled the body against her as she made her way back aboard her Sprint and on to the Medical Room furthest back.  Laying the body out on a med bay bed, she set the room to self seal and preserve as soon as she was out of the room  "I'll be back in a matter of days."

Dain Wrote:Dain, taken aback by the news had spaced out for what felt like eternity as he ran through everything in his head before slowly zoning back into reality as he went through the events in his mind up until present time, he now questioned what they'd do next.  The bartop breaking was less extreme of a reaction than Dain expected but he chalked that up to the amount of warning they had received and knew it'd be much worse if not for that.

Adjusting the collar of his armor he cleared his throat, disregarding his cousin's reaction as warranted. "I'll have things prepped for her when you arrive, thank you for finding out Nileri and sorry for leaving you hanging, I was a bit more startled than I expected. Yeah I won't be following after him, I have a squad of Templars with orders to stay out of sight but to give him back up  or notify me if needed. I'm more worried about him than any damage he might do though, nice thing about being on an Imperial planet is there's a lot of soldiers in white suits of armor to take frustration out on when in need."

Then removing the chip from his wrist communicator he placed it on a stool that was somehow still standing. It being fairly common for damage to the bar to be done from barfights, whether playful or not, and bad reactions like this there were already workers moving to fix the counter and clean up the mess it caused, soon the bar would be as if nothing had happened.

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