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Eclipse Templars changed to Emerald Ring on Year 22 Day 22. This is here for history purposes.

Type: Mercenaries
Founded On: Year 20 Day 24 as Eclipse Templars
Renamed to Emerald Ring: Year 22, Day 22
Leader: Dain Thurith
Second In Command: Alessandro De Caito

Part of a conglomorate known as Umbradawn Corporation, the Eclipse Templars represent the protection ring of Umbradawn with the focus of using overwhelming aggression to ensure the safety of Umbradawn and it's allies.

These degenerates and rogues are a small brotherhood that strives to protect all members and allies of the Umbradawn corporation. The lack of a solid command structure has proven more of a benefit than a hindrance as anybody who has attained the rank of Templar has full liberty to do as they please, especially when dealing with hostile groups and people.

Whether proving themselves in the field or in the halls of Umbradawn, a Templar lives and dies to protect their brothers and sisters. This groups sole purpose is to seek out those who would due harm to the allies and members of Umbradawn.

Membership within an Umbradawn Corp. faction does not affect whether or not a Templar has retained their status or not - for once a Templar has gained their rank, they are welcome to come and go as they please, knowing their home will be there when they return.

Any may seek to be an ally or a member, but any attack on one is an attack on all and will not be taken lightly, for Templars rarely forgive and they never forget.

If you seek to escape from your current faction because you no longer belong there or you fear you are in danger, you may contact us to seek refuge and extraction. We do not guarantee that we will say yes, but if we decline your request for any reason we will not reveal to anyone that you contacted us. If we accept your request for asylum then know our agreement is our sacred duty to maintain - we will always honor our word and your safety is guaranteed regardless of bounties so long as you do not act in such a way to harm Umbradawn or her allies, you will be under our protection.