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Eclipse Templars

The Eclipse Templars are a part of a group of sentients united under the common goal of prosperity and purging the galaxy of corruption known as the Pillars of Umbradawn. Eclipse Templars being lead personally by High Lord of Umbradawn Dain Thurith it truly is the core of Umbradawn. As an elite mercenary faction they strive to train the strongest soldiers capable of accomplishing any task required of them while in the field. The training every Templar undergoes on their path through the Trials gears them to an independent life, purging corruption wherever they may find it while helping guide the future of Eclipse Templars when needed.
Seen as elite commandoes through the galaxy an Eclipse Templar has passed the most rigorous tests possible, whether proving themselves in the field or in the halls of Umbradawn, a Templar lives and dies to protect the order. Seeing balance as not a perfect balance of black and white but a true blurring of grey with silver linings and dark edges, this group seeks not to battle all possible enemies, but rather to seek out those who would due harm to the allies and members of Umbradawn. Failing this, the Eclipse Templars are the first and last line of defense for the Pillars of Umbradawn, accompanied in the field by their allies Medawn and the Umbra Blades, the Pillars know there is no battle they are not prepared for.
As followers of the doctrine of the Grey Force, the Eclipse Templars whether sensitive in the Force or not believe they act on behalf of the Force and what is best for the galaxy, as such they see the Force as acting through them and protecting them allowing them to overcome impossible odds.