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SWCombine CPS Market

Umbradawn Initiatives


Have us move your asset from pick up to drop off, the asset is guaranteed to be protected until it arrives.

Fleet Support

We'll protect your space as if it were our own with the full support of the Eclipse Armada constantly at the ready.

Ground Support

Need help securing your territory or pushing a rival off of their own territiry? For a price we'll turn the tide of any battle!


Extracting clients from hostile territory is our speciality. No matter where your person of interest is, we can get them home safely.

Target Acquisition

Whether your target is a dangerous criminal or someone who just owes you money, we will stop at nothing to have them in your custody.

Station Construction

Asteroid Hideout

Contact Dain Thurith

Ataturk-class Station

Contact Dain Thurith

Golan I

Contact Dain Thurith

Golan II

Currently Unavailable

Platform XQ-1

Contact Dain Thurith