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Ring Leaders or Ceannaire Fáinne

The highest authority of the Emerald Ring, each member leads their own Ring. Currently there are two Rings, the Thurith Ring focuses on interior management and the growth of rackets or other legitimate business deals. The Caito Ring is the Enforcers of the Emerald Ring, typically aggressive in nature.

Dain Thurith
Management and Business
Known for his morally grey decisions and his near-spotless trading record filled with deals where it was clear the credits were secondary to ensuring the deal was favorable to both parties, regardless of if it resulted in Dain making less credits than intended. Being a mix of an expert tactician, patient mentor, deadly assassin and a legitimate business man Grand Master Thurith leads a morally complicated life focused on ensuring a bright future for those who follow him or are in need and a grim foreboding feeling to those who would stand in his way or harm the innocent.

Throughout the years Dain has grown to despise and hate corruption, especially governmental corruption. Seeing the purpose of governments being to give leadership, unity, and strength to the galaxy, he sought to assist the governments he thought most capable of carrying out these ideals. In his journeys, he found that corruption is very common in the galaxy and that places for people like him who sought freedom and independence with purpose and duty were few and far between. As such, he strove to create a place in the galaxy like this. Starting with Sun Guard, Dain quickly learned the galaxy was not also rife with corruption but was not friendly to new faces trying to grow in relevance and make a place for themselves in the galaxy. He struggled with this for years, finding each group capable of helping him to be completely unwilling unless they could strip him of his freedom and independence.

Frustrated, Dain resolved to grow a larger and bigger group than he had ever thought of, one that would not be like the governments that refused to aide him unless it meant he sign away his soul to them first. With that Umbradawn was born and Sun Guard reformed into a new, morally grey Eclipse Templars which did not limit itself with the laws of the governments and conglomorates of the galaxy and that did not concern itself with if it was wrong to steal from the rich. Instead, Eclipse Templars would find and punish the corrupt while ensuring that Umbradawn was a safe place for anyone seeking sanctuary.

Dain continues to maintain that he is an honest man who simply wants to make his way in the galaxy and build a home for those like him who seek to not be controlled but to be a part of something bigger all the same. The only groups that Dain has actively had conflict with have actively shown themselves to be corrupt and in need of a rude awakening. On three separate ocassions, Dain has successefully lead raids on corrupt factions, and on both ocassions it was proven that the leaders in question valued their highest ranking members less than they valued credits, items, or anything else and typically refused to negotiate at all. Despite his generally patient and calm demeanor, Dain is known to have a temper that has caused many the fool to suffer an untimely end.

Despite his mixed history of bouncing between the dark and the light, Dain insists he always keeps his word and that his loyalty to those loyal to him is unwavering. As such, those contacted by the Grand Master, rest easy, as he does not speak to those he seeks to harm - he much prefers to let his actions speak for themselves in those circumstances.

Alessandro "Vex" de Caito
Security and Enforcing
When Alessandro left Mecrosa after determining it was lead by a dictator who couldn't make up his mind about who to attack and who kept too close of company with terrorists, it didn't take long for him to find the Eclipse Templars, who had ideals that aligned very much with his own from the start.

After determining that the second in command at the time was corrupt and only attempting to take control of the organization from its leader... Alessandro was then elevated to second in command himself and appointed to head up the security detail as well as offensive operations.

Alessandro does not trust anybody outside Umbradawn corporation easily. When it comes to acquaintances and people looking to associate with Umbradawn he tends to be a pathological lair. Constantly handing out false intelligence and other information just to see if it gets back to him somehow. At this point only the closest inner circle of Umbradawn are able to decipher if he is telling the truth or running counter intelligence.

Alessandro is naturally hot headed and an absolute zealot to the ideals of Umbradawn corporation and has since started up Ord An Ghealach. This order has become the full fledged enforcement branch of umbradawn and tend to be a headache to deal with at any given moment. Due to this nature, when coming to the organization on diplomacy it is better to speak with Grand Master Dain, rather than contact Grand Inquisitor Alessandro.

Alessandro will stand by Umbradawn and her allies with unwavering support once the allies have proven themselves however. But until that moment, the inquisition hates all others equally.

Often people worry that Dain may not agree with Alessandro's agression but there has never been a time where Dain has disagreed with everyhing Alessandro has done. Alessandro has more than proven himself to Dain as a mutually respected and trusted friend, as such even if a disagreement occured both would understand the other's perspective and a resolution would be quickly reached.