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Emerald Ring Cassiopeia IRA
Ring Leaders Ranks Recruitment
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Caito Thurith
History Eclipse Templars Ord an Ghealach
Useful Links
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Specialties Hiring
  • Security Forces
  • Mining Specialists
  • Recycling Specialists
  • Production Specialists
  • Enforcers and Infiltrators
  • Pilots for short or long trips
  • Members who simply want to join

  • Submit a join request to Emerald Ring
  • Join the Emerald Ring Discord (link above)
  • Make an account on the forum
  • Upon the completion of your interview, we will get you started
  • Experienced players, travel to Denhui
  • New players, please select "Dragon Roost" as your starting point
  • Complete placement intereview or training missions based on level of experience

General Information
  • We rarely make demands of members, rather we ask you to complete task. If you are unable or uncomfortable with this task you may say no.
  • Members may leave to explore options, remain as a friend with limited access, and come back in the future if they choose.
  • The past is the past, anyone is welcome to join us.
  • Mutual respect, trust, and loyalty between leaders and members.

Membership Benefits
  • Salary during periods of activity with the option to take months off
  • Able to earn bonuses for completion of work, even during months off
  • Members who do not have their own assets will be provided with everything they need.
  • Expert training from leaders with a decade of experience each.
  • Access to any of our public services and sales at discounted rates.
  • Medical care is entirely covered by us
  • Never worry about hiring your own soldiers, builders, etc.
  • Access to faction assets and assistance with pursuing personal endeavors such as construction, production, sales, etc.

Fresh Recruits
  • Fresh recruits will complete basic training missions, completing training as an Associate.
  • Rewards for these missions vary from gear to credits to a ship as the final reward.
  • Members who have experience may negotiate for higher starting rank, typically up to Associate but exceptions may be made.