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Eclipse Templars Ord an Ghealach Medawn
Useful Links
SWCombine CPS Market TF Market
Pillars of Umbradawn
Recruitment Opportunities

  • Experienced Officers
  • Transportation Pilots
  • Experienced Soldiers
  • Fresh Recruits for Training and/or Placement
  • Medical Professionals

  • All new members must join the Umbradawn Discord (link above).
    Activity not a requirement.
    Membership Benefits

    Members who do not have their own assets will be provided with everything they need.

    This includes: Faction ships, vehicles, reserves, equipment, and the ability to earn ownership of them.
    Salary and Placement

    Members will begin as a Private and work their way to Corporal by completing their first trial.

    Starting salary is 1,000,000 credits per month with a signing bonus of 500,000 credits

    Members who have experience may negotiate for higher starting rank based on provable experience.
    General Information

    Open Door Policy: All members who have served at least three months or completed their trials may come and go as they please as an Umbradawn Alumni or take a leave of absence.

    Neutrality: We are entirely neutral, as far as recruitment, any sentient may attempt to join us due to this without fear of being turned into a previous employer or enemy.
    Production Benefits

    At this time we offer production at a slight margin over cost to all members. All member production runs must be approved by leadership and paid for in advance but makeover on completion is guaranteed.