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Ord an Ghealach / Order of the Moon, now the Caito Ring as of Year 22, Day 22.

The Ord an Ghealach, or Order of the Moon, is the enforcement branch of Umbradawn. They answer to no one other than the Grand Inquisitor or Fhiosraitheoir Mhór and the Grand Council by connection, who is a fanatic to the teachings of the order. Their sole purpose is to purge the galaxy of any and all heretics and will use any means necessary to do so. This in their eyes keeps the members of the Umbradawn Corporation and its allies safe.

The members of the Order are not known for being diplomatic or friendly. Nor are they known to remain calm when provoked, for they will attempt to convert a heretic, if conversion seems impossible they will immediately launch a crusade and make any and all attempts to purge them, or die trying.

The Ord an Ghealach is fiercely loyal to Umbradawn and the teachings of the Eclipse Templars, but only Umbradawn. For this reason if they see need to deal with members in other branches of the Umbradawn Corporation they will invoke their right to do so as the corporations official internal affairs branch.

Also trusted with the guarding of any and all relics of the Orders of Umbradawn, the Ord an Ghealach holds a massive depository of relics gathered throughout the years by those involved in the secretive order. One of the few exceptions, which is guarded by the Fhiosraitheoir Mhór personally and carried on his person as a ceremonial weapon and trophy. The lightsaber, which are extremely rare, once belonged to Sion Plagueis who was captured and relieved of it by the Fhiosraitheoir Mhór with assistance from the Grand Master. This lightsaber's crystal has been bled red and the hilt heavily modified to fit the Fhiosraitheoir Mhór's personal tastes.