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Eclipse Templars Ord an Ghealach Medawn
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Not everybody is a combatant, and some people set out in this galaxy just to help others. With this in mind the leadership of the pillars of umbradawn decided that they needed to expand to meet the needs of all types of people who may want to align themselves with the Eclipse Templars. And so they decided to start up a company called Medawn. This company is not focused on the gray force as Eclipse Templars are. They are focused solely on one goal: helping people. Being aligned as neutral in the galaxy, they will not refuse service to anybody. From a governor to a terrorist, there is no distinguishing labels to those they help. Everybody deserves equal medical treatment and such is the goal of Medawn. Medawn will welcome anybody who feels medically inclined into its ranks and provide them with the training and resources to be successful in the medical field. Background checks may be done by the Eclipse Templars but they will not have the final say in membership.