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Eclipse Templars Ord an Ghealach Medawn
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Founding of Umbradawn

Sun Guard, once an elite group of mercenaries that has been seen throughout history in various battles lead by various leaders, was a group devoted to the belief that through embracing the fire within one could achieve anything. Due to constantly changing hands and a reputation that faltered due to the varied leadership over the years, the faction found itself falling apart soon after it began prospering. Disagreements between leader Dain Thurith and second in command Vaas Dae`Skal lead to the group disbanding and going it's separate ways. Those still loyal to Dain followed him into exile, many of which did not return from the treacherous journey into the far reaches of space.

During this exile the group underwent changes, from the core beliefs to the laws and creeds, nothing was left unchanged with the core belief being that the sun, though powerful, has forces that act upon it. All that remained from the Sun Guard were their elite training and military prowess, the rest of the heritage of the Sun Guard died on that day as the dawn of the Endless Eclipse began and Umbradawn was born and with it, a new elite military force known as Eclipse Templars to defend the newly formed Pillars of Umbradawn.