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Sun Guard, once an elite group of mercenaries that has been seen throughout history in various battles lead by various leaders, was a group devoted to the belief that through embracing the fire within one could achieve anything. Due to constantly changing hands and a reputation that faltered due to the varied leadership over the years, the faction found itself falling apart soon after it began prospering. Disagreements between leader Dain Thurith and second in command Vaas Dae`Skal lead to the group disbanding and going it's separate ways. Those still loyal to Dain followed him into exile, many of which did not return from the treacherous journey into the far reaches of space.

During this exile the group underwent changes, from the core beliefs to the laws and creeds, nothing was left unchanged with the core belief being that the sun, though powerful, has forces that act upon it. All that remained from the Sun Guard were their elite training and military prowess, the rest of the heritage of the Sun Guard died on that day thus began Eclipse Templars, a new elite military force known as Eclipse Templars to defend the newly formed Umbradawn.

Year One - Expansion

The second Order of Umbradawn to be founded, Ord an Ghealach or Order of the Moon in basic lead by Grand Inquisitor Alessandro de Caito, the second-in-command and soon to be direct equal of Grand Master Dain Thurith as the second member of the new Comhairle Mhór. This order, shrouded in mystery, answer only to the Grand Inquisitor whose focus is the security of Umbradawn and expanding the Orders of Umbradawn through any means deemed necessary by the Grand Inquisitor.

With the darkness within Umbradawn growing, a source of light needed to be added to maintain balance. This light came to be known as Medawn, a brigade of kind healers, doctors and humanitarians guarded by the lightest and most noble of the Eclipse Templars which found themselves drawing back to the power of the sun. Medawn was to be owned by Alessandro and operated by Keva Wainright, his fiance, a promising surgeon with an interest in helping those in need.

During this time, Nileri Ateisa Rosiir joined and became an advisor and as a close friend of both Dain and Alessandro, was offered the ability to form her own order. After weighing her options, she opted to part ways with Umbradawn officially while remaining friends with Dain and Alessandro in favor of working closer with her Mandalorian brothers and sisters. Naviera Hugacha, leader of Mythical Trading, also joined around this time, and became the head of Diplomacy and PR.
Year Two - Evolution

With the unfortunate passing of Director of Medawn, Keva Wainright from a hyperdrive malfunction causing her hyperspace travel to abort prematurely and resulted in her dying from exposure to the Prindaar sun. This caused a void within Umbradawn, that was filled by Naviera Hugacha who took over the mantle as Interim Director of Medawn and maintaining it's light in Director Wainright's memory. About a year later, Medawn's medical capabilities were no longer needed so Medawn was dissolved and the Keva Wainright Foundation, a non-profit focused on helping those in need.

Out of the ashes of Medawn, the mining and recycling corporation, Cassiopeia, was born. This project combined mining asteroids for lucrative raw materials and the act of making the galaxy a safer place by eliminating, apprehending, and recycling bandit squadrons of starships that are known to take refuge in the asteroid belts. Becoming the industrial backbone of Umbradawn, Cassiopeia only offered limited services to the public but someday hoped to enable access to raw materials to anyone in the galaxy at reasonable rates.

A short time later, Naviera parted ways with Umbradawn citing the role of Public Relations and Diplomacy to be much more demanding of a role than expected and was taking away from her ability to manage her own factions. This coincided with the failure of the CIS to accept peace terms being suggested by Grand Master Dain Thurith, such as offering to assist in building homes for the homeless and jobs for the jobless on Confederate planets. This was an effort to help the poorly developed and maintained systems controlled by the Confederacy due to their obsession with conquering uninhabited planets instead of simply developing the ones they have. Ultimately, the CIS were too concerned with a singular lightsaber to even consider hearing anything that Umbradawn leadership had to say or offer and instead ignored all official channels despite being willing to assist in apprehending the anonymous client that hired Umbradawn because the client breached the terms of the agreement.