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Full Version: Kareem Smiles; Too Many Chances
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Summary: Former second in command Kareem Smiles pleads guilty to treason, attempting a coup, and when failing that attempting to incite war between Eclipse Templars and any military body he could contact by simply telling them lies and half-truths. Having admitted to this in private his last act in the galaxy was to become a Lost Soul and is awaiting further sentencing while he serves multiple life sentences.


Kareem Smiles, a name very few know and that is most likely for the best. A fool and a traitor, he was given far more chances than he deserved and every step of the way he was belligerent, disobedient, and disrespectful. As such, I am glad to announce he has plead guilty on all counts and has since chosen to become a Lost Soul for the remainder of his days.

Once my left hand man, a good friend, and former second in command of Eclipse Templars during it's earliest days. Although his time with Eclipse Templars was short lived, Executor Smiles served me well while he served under my command in Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums and was the sole member of our company to leave with me.

During his first mission, a mishap occurred partially due to Kareem's own stupidity but also due to my trust in his abilities being too large. He nearly died during the mission and made the ultimate sacrifice but due to efforts I made he was saved and we were able to consider it a successful operation despite our primary objective, the second in command of AMC being killed to secure Kareem's freedom.

As time went on, Kareem began to seem to be growing into his role before he began disagreeing with me on the way things were being ran in Eclipse Templars, thinking himself a better leader than myself he started planning to betray me and turn me over to one of my many enemies - as such, I lost all trust in him after various failed attempts to have me placed in a compromising situation that only a fool would agree is an "operation" and not simply an attempted coup.

As such, Kareem received further warnings and was demoted from Executor and second in command to Marshal of the Eclipse Templars order - a small step down on the rank table but overall he was at this point cut off from all information and no longer granted any access to the faction whatsoever. At which point he threatened to commit treason and attempted to blackmail myself and the entire faction. Not having any interest in negotiating with a known traitor, I moved into position to arrest him so that he could be given a proper trial.

At which point he began committing treason, by sending mainly lies but quite specific lies, to anyone and everyone that may listen to him. He told people anything he could think of, but provided no evidence, upon investigation it was found that he in fact did not ruin any operations or reveal anything that I considered top secret or to be part of any plan I had been working on. As such, I have no problem saying publicly that he attempted to tell Zann Consortium that I was attempting to kill them (yes, all of them...), told several of my close friends that I intended to kill them (noticing a trend?), notified the New Republic I intended to over throw their government, and to everyone else he said "Dain's still Zann! He talks to them!"

Well, yes, I, as a Rogue Defiler and old friend of many members of Zann Consortium do indeed talk to some specific people in the group, but as do many sentients in the galaxy. It's a rather large government and many of the people in it do public business with anyone. On the matter of overthrowing the New Republic... that sounds like a ridiculous task to even attempt? Finally, each person I'm aware of that he's told that I intend to kill is actually not someone I've considered arresting and was indeed a friend of mine far longer than I even knew Kareem Smiles existed so it would be strange to me why I would turn on them in favor of a rather large idiot and constant liability, but I will let all who read this come to their own conclusions.

So after his treason, he was told he would have a chance to defend his case but would remain in custody until the the end of the trial which would be decided by a judge and a jury of the guests of the Umbradawn Holonetwork (discord). He at which point did not respond for some days, but has since plead guilty to multiple counts of treason, lying, slandery, attempted murder, attempting a coup, and most of all attempting to endanger the lives of all members of Umbradawn by attempting to incite wars with every factino in the galaxy as his last act before becoming a lost soul.

Due to this, I believe this is an open and closed case.